What is unusual about your job?

Someguy, also known as Brian Singer, is a San Francisco artist who created “There’s No Place Like” that explores what constitutes a home and what it means to live without one. Noodle Mania visited his studio in the Pacific Felt Factory and asked him to share a story about making art. Recorded and mixed for Noodle Mania in February 2018. Original music by Bark Leafgood.

Do you have fond summer memories?

Clarissa Ko is a Dancer, Choreographer, and founder of Five Feet Dance and Edge resident at CounterPulse. Her residency is focused on ancestry, culture, and change, honoring the Asian American experiences that our media and documentation of history have overlooked. Her story conjures memories from her home in America and her home in Hong Kong. Recorded for Noodle Mania in March 2018.

Do you have a classic Tenderloin story?

Dorian Dorey is a Poet & artivist with Faithful Fools. Dorian is highly involved in art and activism, advocating for the people and places in the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco. Dorian remembers a moment that captures what it's like to live in the Tenderloin. Interviewed for Noodle Mania in March 2018. Original music by Bark Leafgood.

Have you ever had to stand up for yourself?

Zerena Diaz is a visual + multimedia artist imagining  and exploring queer ancestory, a pansexual gender non-conforming future, and anthropomorphic gender-queer beings. In this story, she recalls confronting a male who crossed a boundary and how she tried to get men to understand consent. Interviewed for Noodle Mania in March 2018.

When was the last time you felt AMAZING?

Izzy talks about her spontaneous trip to Hawaii with her friend who wanted to go on a simple hike. After an unexpected turn of events, she now feels invincible. Recorded in January 2015 for Noodle Mania. 

Can you tell me about your first date with your girlfriend?

Marti tells the story about how he met Jenny and the awkward obstacles they overcame to embark on a new relationship. This story was recorded in the wee hours in Soline, Croatia for Noodle Mania in June 2016. 


When was a time you had to get out of town?

Scott remembers an adventurous trip he took with his best friend in high school that was possible because of lies and acid. Recorded in Petaluma, CA in 2014 for Noodle Mania.

What were your grandparents like?


Chris tells his story about his inherited Scrabble genetics and the ultimate Scrabble match between Bubbles and Gordy. Recorded in Boston in June 2016 for Noodle Mania.


Can you describe a time when you experienced the feeling of unlimited opportunity?

Pat Mesiti-Miller explains the impact meditation and lucid dreaming has had on his life. Recorded in May 2015 for Megapolis Audio Festival and Noodle Mania