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About Noodle Mania

Noodle Mania is a collaborative zine-making audio experience that combines my love for audio production, documentary, drawing, hosting parties and cooking. This project has a mission: to create a forum in print, online, and in person for people to share true stories about their lives and to practice self-expression. I especially invite people who do not consider themselves “artists” to participate — doodlers, creative dabblers, storytelling freaks, and adventurous souls with expressive impulses. I’m trying to foster community. I want to bring together people who are looking for a hands-on experience, collaboration, and a new way to engage. I want to provide them with a creative challenge, some encouragement, and a warm bowl of noodles. Noodle Mania is funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

About Wendy Baker

My work in San Francisco’s public schools and after-school programs explores the role that personal narrative, storytelling, and digital media can play in education, community arts, and social change. I’m certified as a facilitator by the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, CA. I’m also a public radio producer. My work has been broadcast on NPR, KALW, KPFA, and BMIR.